The Only Way Is Up (intervention)

2017 _ intervention _ 180 x 136 x 80 cm _ metal, paint and the existing surrounding
Intervention at Art Rotterdam ‘Open Air’ 2017.
In 2017, there was the Open Air section at Art Rotterdam _ sculptures and installations in the outdoor area. The sculptures and installations, could be viewed in the outdoor area of the Van Nelle factory. Curator of this new section, Samuel Saelemakers: “Open Air is the opportunity for art pieces to escape the commotion of the fair and show themselves more autonomously”. The selected works will enter a dialogue with the public space, the weather elements and the architecture of the Van Nelle factory. Saelemakers concludes: “keep your eyes open for the interventions by Roeland Tweelinckx, listen well to the sound work by Susan Philipsz and be surprised by the ‘hyperlinked’ sculptures of David Jablonowski”. Samuel Saelemakers, curator