Displaced wall  

(* a copy of a wall at the Henry Moore Institute, Leeds)
2016 _ Sculpture _ Dimensions variable _ Wood, paint and it surroundings
AROUND THE CORNER Group exhibition, CC Zwaneberg, Heist o/d Berg, Belgium _ March /April 2016 _ The artists in the exhibition A have a strong fascination for architecture, the construction of space. Not only the physical space but also the construction of time, the construction of language, in relation to space … Space becomes more difficult to define. Well stretchable. From an artistic approach, the visualization of space does not limit itself to the ‘self’ but responds to its context. It is repeatedly and repeatedly confronting.
The idea of placing a wall* to divide the exhibition space in two parts is a direct response to the existing architecture, also because I dit not want that the spectator to be able to see the exhibition space in his totality when you enter it, to make them curious whats around the corner. But as well by pointing out that a simple wall can become an object, an object that can be very compelling towards the space and the spectator and his or it’s circulation on the exhibition-space.