Slice and Dice _ group exhibitions at Irène Laub Gallery
Artists : Nazgol Ansarinia, José Pedro Croft, Dan Graham, Jonathan Sullam and Roeland Tweelinckx
Curated by Gregory Lang

Opening on Thursday 6.09.18, at 5pm
Exhibition 7.09.18 – 20.10.18

Slicing, cutting, dividing into grids, into sections of volume and plane are the convergent approaches developed in the works of the 5 presented artists. Each in their own way, they tend to examine and break down the notion of constructed space. Some attempt to explore our relationship to structure and architecture, to test its stability to imbalance. Others recreate shapes that they dissect, turn over and combine before laying them out again before our eyes.
The drawings, photographs and sculptures presented in this exhibition delineate and redraw cubic structures, evoking the architectures of the naos in Egyptian tombs, the chamber framed by columns in Fra Angelico’s Annunciation, the architectural spaces of Francis Bacon’s paintings or the three-dimensional frames containing the carved figures of Alberto Giacometti.
All of these constructions, serving as both object and delimitation of the discourse, touch upon the early days of perspective and the desire to free oneself from its predominance. Most of the works question the abstraction of the fullness as well as the emptiness they contain. Here, they all seem to hesitate and falter, suspended in a fragile balance while also being on the verge of collapse.
– Gregory Lang