Roeland Tweelinckx is a Belgian artist (°1970) who lives and works in Kontich | Antwerp.

He mainly creates (site-specific) interventions in gallery spaces or public places. With his interventions

– for which he uses everyday material – he plays in a subtle way with functionality, environment and our powers

of perception. His work has a high trompe l’oeil content, which causes a slight sense of confusion in the viewer,

but at the same time is an invitation to disrupt our conditioned way of looking.


++32 4 86 96 80 10



Represented by me myself and I

And in collaboration with.  _ Antwerp, Belgium


All pictures by:  We Document Art _ Liesbet Grupping _ Stef Beemer _ Tomas Uyttendaele _ Lore Steveninck _ Amelie Bataille _ Roeland Tweelinckx



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